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How to Avoid Cosmetic Injection Disasters

Aesthetics / March 8, 2021
We’ve all seen those episodes of Botched on TV, where a patient who was trying to get the “best deal” on their cosmetic injections or plastic surgery ends up having to spend thousands of dollars to correct their cosmetic disaster. While we applaud Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif for the outstanding job they do fixing even the most extreme cosmetic disasters, we’re firm believers that those disasters should never happen in the first place! We want all potential clients to know what to look for to ensure a safe procedure and great results, so we decided to make this guide for anyone considering cosmetic injections!

Be Mindful of Your Surroundings

Don’t get cosmetic injections in any place that you wouldn’t be comfortable having a medical procedure in. That includes a Botox party at your friend’s apartment or even in your own home. While these places may seem clean enough, they aren’t held to the same standards as a medical office is. There can be hundreds of hidden germs and contaminants that can cause infection.

Do seek out a licensed injector who operates out of a legitimate medical facility. Treatment rooms should be sanitary, well-lit, and up-to-date on all required permits and inspections. Rubbing alcohol, medical-grade disinfectants, sterile gloves, and appropriate waste disposal systems should all be in plain sight and easily accessible by your injector.

How to avoid a disaster: ask to schedule a consultation or tour the office before you commit to scheduling a treatment. Legitimate facilities will be happy to show you around and may even provide you with inspection reports from their local Health Department if you request them.

You Get What You Pay For

Don’t choose an injector just because they offer the lowest price. Offers that seem too good to be true usually are, and can mean that something sketchy is going on. If a treatment is priced unusually low, it may be because:

    The injector performing the treatment isn’t properly licensed.

    The product may be over-diluted, old, or even expired.

    The product could be counterfeit, which can be dangerous.

Do look for injectors that charge prices that are similar to your local or national average. You can use trusted resources like RealSelf to find out what your treatment should cost. You can also ask how your product is reconstituted. At Affinity, we always reconstitute our Botox and Dysport at the manufacturer’s recommended dosages, and any legitimate injector should be able to tell you the same. This will confirm that you’re getting a product that hasn’t been diluted or watered-down.

How to avoid a disaster: find a reputable, licensed injector that participates in programs such as Aspire Galderma Rewards. These programs can help you earn points and save $20 or more on most treatments, which means you get a great deal without sacrificing quality or safety.

Ask to See the Label!

Don’t let your injector start a treatment if you aren’t 100% sure what you’re getting. Even the best injectors might miss an opportunity to provide you with more information if you don’t let them know that you have additional questions.

Do ask about product, price, areas being treated, and anticipated results. Your injector may suggest a different product that is more affordable, longer lasting, or better suited for the area you wish to treat.

How to avoid a disaster: once you and your injector have decided on products and a treatment plan, ask to see the label! Any reputable cosmetic injector will be happy to show you the product packaging with a branded label before injecting. Botox and Dysport should be refrigerated, and Hyaluronic acid fillers like Restylane or Juvéderm should come in an unopened, sealed box with their own syringes. All injectables will also have a serial number and an expiration date on their packaging. Here are some examples of what the labels should look like:


We hope this guide has helped you understand some of the many different ways you can avoid a cosmetic injection disaster! We are proud to provide a safe, healthy environment for cosmetic injections at Affinity Med Spa. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to reserve a complimentary consultation, schedule a tour of our facilities, or learn more about cosmetic injections.

P.S. – Don’t forget to ask your Affinity Injection Specialist to “show you the label” at your next appointment!