Shirtless man's abdomen is worked out with Emsculpt Neo treatment.

Emsculpt Neo: Innovative Body Contouring at Affinity MedSpa

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About Emsculpt Neo

The first therapy of its kind to simultaneously reduce fat and increase muscle, Emsculpt Neo is the innovative body contouring procedure that is setting the standard in science-based body aesthetics.

Emsculpt Neo is non-invasive and non-surgical, relying on radio frequency and high intensity electromagnetic energies to burn fat cells and promote muscle growth.

If you’ve been exercising, eating a healthy diet, and doing all “the right things,” but you still can’t shed stubborn body fat, it may be time to try Emsculpt Neo from Affinity MedSpa, Orlando’s award-winning medical spa and wellness center. Emsculpt Neo is the newest addition to Affinity MedSpa’s comprehensive offerings of safe, industry-leading health and wellness solutions, and it can help you finally achieve the body you’ve always wanted.

Shirtless man's abdomen is worked out with Emsculpt Neo treatment.
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Performed by friendly, caring, and experienced licensed professionals in just one 30-minute session a week for four weeks, Emsculpt Neo from Affinity MedSpa can produce, on average, a:

  • 30% reduction in fat
  • 25% increase in muscle volume
  • Nearly 20% reduction in abdominal separation
  • 6cm reduction in waist circumference

Most patients begin to see a smoother, leaner, more sculpted body within just 3 months of their last treatment.

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The Emsculpt Neo Experience at Affinity MedSpa

At Affinity MedSpa, we pride ourselves on offering only the best in proven and elite advanced medical aesthetic services like Emsculpt Neo, backed by science and guaranteed to deliver exceptional results. For more than 20 years, we’ve been helping thousands of patients in and around the East Orlando community look and feel their best with effective modalities and multi-dimensional therapy plans tailored to your unique body.

Here’s what your Emsculpt Neo experience will look like at Affinity MedSpa.

The Emsculpt Neo device is placed on a designated area of your body and radiofrequency heating starts to increase your muscle temperature by several degrees, similar to a warmup before a workout. This is preparing your muscles for exposure to stress, and you will feel the sensation of your body getting warmer.

Next, two things begin to happen simultaneously:

  1. High intensity electromagnetic energy begins to contract the muscle tissue in the area at an intensity level beyond anything you would be able to do during a standard workout, producing the equivalent of up to 20,000 rapid supramaximal muscle contractions on all muscle strands. While not painful, the rapid contractions do produce a sensation similar to highly intensive exercise. The stress placed on the muscles forces them to adapt, resulting in faster, more defined and pronounced muscle growth.
  2. As the radiofrequency heating increases your body temperature, it also increases the temperature in your fat cells to the point at which they literally burn up and die, turning into natural waste that your body will metabolize and flush away all on its own, leaving you with a tight, toned, and trim physique you’ve only ever dreamed of.*

*It will take your body approximately 3 months to completely flush out all of the dead fat cells and grow new muscles, which is why optimal results are usually achieved about 3 months after your last session.

Emsculpt Neo is a convenient and non-invasive option for crafting the perfect physique. During each 30-minute session, you’ll simply lie back in our fully-appointed, state-of-the-art procedure room while the device does all the work. After your treatment, you can go right back to your regular activities, including work and exercise, with no downtime or recovery.

Get Real Results in Half the Time with Emsculpt Neo from Affinity MedSpa

At Affinity MedSpa in Orlando, we know you are not one-dimensional, and neither is your optimal health. We understand that beauty is both a science and an art, and looking your best also means feeling your best from the inside out. With comprehensive health and wellness services including therapies, products, and nutritional supplements, as well as aesthetic offerings like Emsculpt Neo, the team of licensed professionals at Affinity MedSpa can help you discover your most amazing self.

It’s time to love what you see in the mirror and stop getting frustrated with that stubborn body fat. Schedule a consultation today with Affinity MedSpa and find out how we can change your body and your life with Emsculpt Neo.

Emsculpt Neo FAQ’s

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Get Real Results with Emsculpt Neo Today!

Book with us for a consultation at Affinity MedSpa in Orlando, Florida to experience innovative body contouring.

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