Dr. John A. Robinson

Dr. John A. Robinson specializes in Anti-Aging Medicine, Medical Aesthetics, Advanced Hormone Replacement Therapy, and Longevity Medicine, with over 18 years of experience practicing medicine and over 33 years in the Wellness Industry.

Dr. Robinson is a nationally renowned doctor, author, speaker, entrepreneur, and medical leader, completely devoted to the mission of improving the health and wellness of the nation. He is the Founder of Relicus Medical, a national management platform of Med Spa and Wellness Clinics, spanning coast to coast, and growing. Dr. Robinson brings his passion and years of experience to Affinity Med Spa & Wellness Center, providing direct medical leadership for the entire team. Dr. Robinson’s leadership and influence are an integral part of the culture we have created for our patients. Come see the difference at Affinity Med Spa & Wellness Center.

Dr. Robinson still serves patients directly, with his wife, Dr. Cristina Romero-Bosch, at their Arizona based private practice, The Hormone Zone. You can also follow them on The Longevity Protocol Podcast where they delve into strategies for improving human performance and longevity.

If you would like to speak with Dr. Robinson personally, please reach out to the Affinity Med Spa & Wellness Center Staff and make this simple request, and he will respond right away.