Sclerotherapy for Veins

What is Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a medical treatment to eliminate spider veins. It is performed in 30 minute sessions, and usually requires a series of sessions to achieve optimum results. During this treatment, our licensed Physician’s Assistant Brianne will inject a solution directly into unsightly veins, causing them to  collapse and “dissolve” before your eyes. $250 per session.

How successful is Sclerotherapy?

After several treatments, most patients can expect an 80% to 90% improvement. Fading will gradually occur over months. Disappearance of treated spider veins is usually achieved, but similar veins may appear in the same general area

What should I expect after Sclerotherapy?

Veins may disappear immediately, or they may take a few weeks to diminish. Immediately after your treatment, the vein may appear slightly darker or bright red, and you may experience some bruising. It typically takes two to four treatments to achieve optimal results.

Who is a good candidate for Sclerotherapy?

Healthy people who complain of small, unsightly, superficial veins are the best candidates for sclerotherapy.

What is the recovery time for Sclerotherapy?

This simple outpatient procedure will allow you to go home right after treatment. Compression bandages or support stockings should be worn initially, and normal activities can be resumed 24 to 48 hours after treatment.

If it is determined you are not a candidate for this procedure, you will not be charged.

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