5 Must-Have Spring Skin Care Products

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It’s time for some serious spring cleaning! With the winter months safely behind us, it’s time to step up your skin care routine and get that flawless, glowing skin you deserve. Here are our all-time favorite skin care products for Spring:

Favorite Eye Treatment: Contouring and Soothing Eye Gel

     Spring can be rough if you suffer from seasonal allergies! The delicate area around the eyes is especially vulnerable during allergy season and can get puffy, itchy, and uncomfortable. But don’t stress! We have the ultimate cooling, refreshing, de-puffing, and moisturizing eye treatment for you: our Contouring and Soothing Eye Gel by Skin Fitness! Aloe vera moisturizes with anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, providing skin with suppleness and softness. Additionally, blue chamomile and caffeine instantly awaken tired and puffy eyes for a refreshed look and feel.

Favorite Serum: XO8 Stem Cell Serum

     Treat your skin this Spring with our XO8 Stem Cell Serum! This serum’s proprietary blend includes Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-5 (Matrixyl), Snap-8 and Ferulic Acid, that have been proven to promote collagen synthesis and skin repair, diminish the look of expression lines, and wipes away free radicals. These powerful active ingredients coupled with an easy-to-apply delivery system make XO8 Placenta Stem Cell Serum your can’t-miss indulgence for incredible, healthy skin.

Favorite Toner: Skin Fitness Anti-Radical Toner

     Get your skin in shape this Spring with our Anti-Radical Toner by Skin Fitness. This soothing toner is packed with antioxidant power to protect from and prevent free radical damage. It contains lipid-restoring ingredients such as glycosphingolipids to maintain skin’s moisture barrier. Our potent blend of soothing herbs and essential nutrients calm, balance and nourish the skin.

Favorite Cleanser: Skin Fitness Deep Pore Cleanser

     With the temperature rapidly increasing in Florida, it’s important to keep your pores clean to prevent breakouts! Our Deep Pore Cleansers by Skin Fitness are all-natural, SLS-free cleansers that remove all traces of impurities as they clean the skin. Shea butter has a nourishing effect and provides self-protection throughout the cells, which stimulates cell metabolism to get rid of impurities. This product can be used as a shaving cream for men!

Favorite Exfoliator: Cranberry Purifying Scrub

     Exfoliate and purify the skin with our delicious Cranberry Purifying Scrub by Skin Fitness. Cranberry has a natural source of benzoyl peroxide, which is antibacterial. Zeolites (organic minerals derived from volcanoes) trap and remove pollutants. These unique minerals, when activated with water, create a natural self-heating action. This allows the pores to dilate and remove impurities deep within the pores.

To learn more about the products and treatments we offer, call or text us at (407) 900-2727 to reserve a complimentary one-hour consultation.

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