Latisse Lashes

You can have eyelashes that are fuller, longer, and darker, with Latisse!

Studies show that over time, length, fullness, and pigmentation of eyelashes diminishes. Latisse is the first and only medication approved by the FDA to treat inadequate or skimpy eyelashes (a condition medically called hypotrichosis). It has been available by prescription since January 2009. Approximately 550,000 patients have used Latisse to improve the appearance of their eyelashes. The medication is safe and effective.

How to purchase Latisse:

  • Call Affinity at (407) 900-2727 to schedule a no-cost consultation. Together, we will determine if Latisse is right for you.
  • After an exam you will be provided a prescription, you may purchase Latisse directly from Affinity Med Spa.
  • You will receive Brilliant Distinctions points which can be applied toward future purchases at Affinity Med Spa.
Long Eyelashes Coral Gables - A Latisse Product

How to correctly apply Latisse:

  1. Latisse should be applied once daily.
  2. Ensure that the face is clean. If you wear contact lenses, remove them.
  3. Prepare the disposable Latisse applicator (which is included) by applying one drop of medication near the tip of the applicator but not directly on the tip.
  4. Move the applicator along the skin at the base of the upper lash line (where lashes meet skin). Start at the inner corner of the eye, and brush toward the outer part of the lash line. Do not use the medication on lower eyelashes.
  5. Use a clean tissue to blot excess solution beyond the eyelid.
  6. Dispose of the applicator after one use.
  7. Follow steps one through six for the other eye.

Answers to your questions about Latisse

Can I use Latisse while wearing contact lenses?

You must remove contact lenses prior to applying the medication. They may be reinserted 15 minutes after Latisse application.

Does Latisse really work?

Yes! In clinical studies, 78 percent of users showed significant eyelash enhancement after using Latisse for 16 weeks. After 16 weeks, eye lashes were 18 percent darker, 25 percent longer, and 106 percent fuller on average.

How does Latisse work?

The medication is believed to work by prolonging the natural active growth phase of eyelash hair.

Who should not use Latisse?

Individuals with an allergy to Latisse or any ingredients in the product should not use it. If you have glaucoma or increased intraocular pressure, be sure to notify your Affinity practitioner or your eye doctor before using this medication.

What will happen to my eyelashes if I stop using it?

Your eyelashes will return to their normal appearance after a few weeks to months of not using the medication.

Where can I purchase Latisse?

This medication is available only with a prescription, and may be purchased at a doctor’s office or a retail pharmacy. You may purchase Latisse at Affinity Med Spa.

How long does Latisse take to work?

Patients will see longer, fuller, and darker eyelashes after 16 weeks, on average.

Does Latisse cause darkening of eyelid skin or the iris?

Darkening of the iris and eyelids have been reported with use of Latisse, caused by increased melanin in the skin or iris. Eyelid pigmentation usually reverses after you stop using the product. Iris darkening can be permanent.