Affinity Easter Egg Hunt

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Our $225 Easter Gift to You!

We didn’t want the kids to have all the fun this Easter, so we decided to create the Affinity Easter Egg Hunt! There are eight (8) easter egg icons hidden throughout our website. If you can find all eight, we’ll give you a $200 gift card towards our Halo and BBL treatments plus a free enhancement ($25 value) to use with your next massage or facial treatment! We’re only accepting submissions now through Sunday, April 21st, so get hunting!


    1. Explore our website to find all eight easter eggs that are hidden.
    2. Make note of the page title where you found each egg. (For example: the title of this page is Affinity Easter Egg Hunt)
    3. Come back to this page with your answers and fill out the form below. Make sure to include the page titles or a detailed description of where you found each egg!
    4. Wait for your confirmation email. A member of the Affinity Team will check your answers for accuracy and follow up with a confirmation email.
    5. Claim your gift! We’ll have your $200 gift card + your free enhancement gift ready for you to use after Easter (April 21st.) You can claim your gift at the front desk at your next visit.

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